Start training as early as school age. To discharge in the future, it is important to begin to play basketball as early as possible to acquire all the necessary skills. Sign up to a good coach in a sports club and attend training every day. Practice all movements and throw as many balls in the basket. Include personal cross training for continuous support shape. It is very will help you in the future.
Go to a special sports school or a University with a physical bias. After graduation, you will have a real opportunity to discharge, speaking for the team. This is best done, studying at University and playing for his club. In this case, you will have the opportunity to graduate physical education and discharge. Also train hard to get to competitions.
Win a victory in competitions between universities. Usually they are held on the basis of a separate district of the city, in which there are institutions. Thereby you will get 3 adult discharge the entire team. This will be the first stage in your professional basketball career.
Will do well at city competitions. This is a more serious level, because you will face all of the strongest teams in your city. Prepare for these competitions to all responsibility. You may not be able to win immediately and that's fine. But if you go lossless all rivals, for winning the city tournament you and your team will assign 2 adult class in basketball.
Go on a training camp with his entire basketball team, and train them very hard. Plan it as part of the preparation for the regional competition. They are no more than 1-2 times a year. Why go through all the preparation. This tournament will feature the best teams from cities across the region. So if you and your team will become Champions, you will appropriate 1 adult class. This is a huge step for CCM and professional career of basketball player.