Find your city's sports section on shooting. Determine what kind of shooting interests you the most - with the use of rifles, small-caliber pistol or revolver (heavy pistol). For each type of weapon has its own particular and individual training standards. If you want to obtain the discharge of the rifle, it should learn to shoot.
Before writing the tests, consult your coach. He will tell you whether you qualify or need additional lessons.
Sign up to receive a discharge. To do this, select the category for what type of weapon and what level you want to. If you have no discharge, you will take on the third - base discharge. If you are under eighteen years of age, you can only get a Junior level. It has lightweight standards.
Start preparing for the delivery standards. Self-assessment use the table of standards for each category that you can find in your sports club or on the websites of sports associations. They also take into account the age and gender of the participant, for women rules below. Use the advice of a trainer for better training.
In addition to obtaining a discharge by putting the standards you can obtain it during the shooting competition. Sign up and take part in the competition. For this competition must meet certain requirements. To generate one of the Junior level must participate at least 12 athletes. To obtain the adult category at the competition must be presented to the members at least three sports teams.
To participate in the competition you may also need to qualify in your sports section. Said the coach about your desire to participate, and he will make the decision about your admission to the competition.