1. Not to start Monday. Perhaps the most common mistake, because the longer we wait to exercise, the faster you abandon it. Therefore, if you decide to engage in sports, do not tighten the beginning. Act according to the principle "Here and now"
  2. Shyness. Certainly, when you come to the gym you have the feeling that you look like a white crow. Actually the way it is. But do not despair, and we must deal with them. People look at you because in a past life you didn't do any sports.
  3. Fatigue is not a Vice. When you get tired at practice that's fine. Do not think that you have to do everything at once. If you are tired, then sit down and relax, otherwise you will quickly lose forces which are so important in training.
  4. Find your favorite sport. Pick up a sport that I love to do. Believe me, if drawn into such a thing, to stop longer want.
  5. Not able to fulfill your minimum. One of the main problems of a man who decided to exercise it's overpriced. If you are going to do sports, it does not mean that you pull on the bar 150 times in one day, or lift a barbell weighing 150 pounds. It is important to remember that the sport requires great perseverance and effort, and on the contrary, does not tolerate laziness. So try and work on yourself.
  6. Extra time to pay. Imagine that you have a choice to go on a date with a girl or go to the gym. The first is clear at once, but the second will help you to surprise your girl. So feel free to give up Dating and go to go to the gym.
  7. Good one. A very important component in the workout. Because there are times when without the help of the opponent no opportunity to raise the bar, for example. Why look for friends or acquaintances at the gym. There is also the possibility to connect to this process with friends. The main thing that a friend knew about sports.
  8. Beautiful and comfortable form. Advantages of such a purchase mass. First, you will be comfortable to do, and secondly you will look better against the background.