The doctrine arose about 5,000 years ago. Yoga does not require its adept profess any certain religion, but developed it under the influence of such religions as Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism. Of the many types of yoga can be divided into two main areas — is Hatha yoga, which is more focused on physical development, and Raja yoga focus on meditation and spiritual development.

To seriously practice yoga are not for everyone. People stop the dietary restrictions and the inability to quickly master the technique of hyperventilation of the lungs and spiritual growth. But despite the difficulties, the number of converts is growing every year. One common mistake is the neglect of spiritual practice, the desire to improve health and reduce weight without doing meditation and breathing exercises. So I think those who consider yoga to be merely a form of charging. The possibility to control your physical and mental state only comes through hard work.

If you are looking for yoga to improve physical fitness, then the best choice will be Hatha yoga. Her exercises give you the opportunity to lose weight and change your shape. It is a unique technique that affect the entire body. Breathing exercises normalize blood circulation, beneficial effect on weak blood vessels (varicose veins, arthritis, spinal diseases and other diseases).

Vegetarianism in yoga is not a dogma. Direct prohibition to eat meat no, but after two or three years the man himself cheating on your diet. The same principle also applies to meditation and breathing exercises. Long practice makes the harmonization of body and soul, the awakening of dormant abilities. It makes all the internal organs, strengthens all muscles, and restores the structure of the spine.

The goal of Hatha yoga is self - control of yourself and your body. To achieve harmony of body and soul is impossible without discipline. The first step in yoga is every day, to get the body used to a certain level of activity. The second step is work with the breath. The breath should not be treated as something secondary or optional.