In order to obtain the degree candidate of Sciences, an applicant shall prepare a qualification scientific work in the chosen specialty (dissertation) and defend it in a special certification authority – Dissertation. Then at the request of the Council a degree already awarded by the Higher attestation Commission (HAC). The whole procedure of preparation and defending of doctoral thesis is strictly formalized and must follow a particular algorithm.
Before you start writing the thesis research the applicant must determine the form of its activities. Currently, there are several ways to obtain the degree of candidate of Sciences: postgraduate (full-time and part-time), competition and self-training.
Postgraduate study is a continuation of the educational process after receiving a high school diploma. For admission to graduate school both full-time and part-time, applicant must apply to the University Department of postgraduate studies and to pass the entrance examination in the selected specialty, philosophy and foreign language. Training in internal postgraduate study lasts 3 years, correspondence-5 years. During this period, the graduate student attends classes in a foreign language and philosophy to prepare for the candidate exams, the so-called candidate minimum, and seminars in the major field.
At the same time a young professional needs under the guidance of the supervisor to choose a dissertation research topic and begin to work on it. Finished the manuscript of the thesis the graduate student must submit to the Department by the end of graduate studies. This form of training is most suitable for young graduates who do not yet have significant professional experience and need guidance and assistance from senior colleagues.
Competition is a more free form of preparation for the degree. It does not involve a permanent presence at the University or school. The applicant profile is attached to the Department in their specialty. The academic Council of the University approves the chosen topic of the thesis and the research supervisor. The applicant is responsible for preparation for delivery of candidate examinations and the writing of the dissertation. Competition does not imply severe restrictions on the time of writing, the dates of exams and providing dissertation research chosen by the applicant.
Regardless of the chosen form of training (or postgraduate studies), a candidate for the degree of PhD shall, prior to defending his thesis to publish in scientific journals a number of articles on the subject of interest or one monograph. Moreover, taken into account only those articles that are published in the list of editions approved by HAC. A list of scientific works joins the set of documents required for the consideration of the dissertation by the Dissertation Board.