The basis of kettlebell lifting is the lifting weights in a standing position maximum number of times in a certain period of time.

In kettlebell sport men compete in two disciplines, and women in the same discipline. The Foundation of kettlebell lifting for men is a classic biathlon, consisting of the snatch of the kettlebell with each hand and push the weights from your chest with two hands.


Until the 1940s, years of kettlebell sport, as a discipline, did not exist. There were some enthusiasts who were doing weights for their own development. However, weights, sports equipment, have a very long history. The earliest historical records about them date back to XVII century.

In 1948, held its first competitions in kettlebell lifting. They were held under the patronage of weightlifters and includes exercises with a 32-kilo kettlebells. After the competitions were held on a regular basis, gradually acquired rules and acquired the format characteristic of modern competition. The main rules of kettlebell sport was developed in the early 1960-ies. In 1985, kettlebell sport was officially recognised, and two years later came the all-Union Federation of kettlebell lifting.

Bit standards

In kettlebell lifting, there are bit standards. Mass sports categories are assigned here 10 years, the level of candidate master of sports (KMS) - 14 years, the category of master of sport (MS) - 15 years, and the title "master of sports of the international class (msmk) - 16 years.

Standards in men

Men in classical biathlon, the following norms (based on the number of lifts weights for 10 minutes):

In the weight category of 58 kilograms of the first class is awarded for 80 lifts weights 24 kg, the second - 60 upgrades, the third is 40. When you receive a youthful format uses a weight of 16 kg. the First youth is given for 120 rises, the second Junior - 85 and the third youth - over 50 ascents.

In the weight category of 85 kilograms first class is awarded for 130 UPS kettlebell weight of 24 kg, the second 100 and the third over 75 upgrades. To obtain the rank of the CCM needs to be done 105 times kettlebell weighing 32 kg, MS - 145 rises and msmk - 205 risers.

In the same weight class in men while performing the jerk long cycle the first digit is given for 69 aftershocks kettlebell weight of 24 kg, the second in 56 and the third - in 44 push. The title of the CCM is awarded for 48 shocks weight of 32 kg, MS - 57, and msmk - 75 aftershocks.

Standards in women

Women in the weight category 63 kilograms third category is awarded for 60 lifts weights with a mass of 16 kg, the second 80 and the third for 100 lifts. To obtain the rank of the CCM need to do 63 lift the kettlebell weight of 24 kg MS - 110 and msmk - 130 upgrades.

Learn more about digit specifications on the official website of the all-Russian Federation of kettlebell sport.