One of the most convenient ways to get to Dubna will be travelling by train. Daily from platforms Savelovsky station there are trains in this direction: the first after 10 am, the last around 12 PM. The journey time is just over two and a half hours. The main advantage of this route is that the trip starts in the centre of Moscow, and the trains run on schedule without delays. However, minus the too – low comfort, especially in cold and heat.
If you want to get to Dubna quickly, it is preferable to use the Express high-speed train. Three times a day he goes from Savelovsky station and makes only two intermediate stops – at stations Dmitrov and Bolshaya Volga . The journey time is 2 hours. The cars of the Express to Dubna more comfortable than in a regular train, but the fare is 2 times higher.
Start the journey to Dubna ground transportation will also have from Savyolovsky station. From the stop near the metro 10 times a day buses on a route "Moscow – Dubna". The estimated journey time of 2 hours, but delays on the road happen quite frequently, especially during peak hours. Travel by bus is more expensive than the train, at 30%, but the transport is quite new and comfortable. The final station in Dubna – street birch.
To reach Dubna by car, you need to travel from Moscow to Dmitrov highway. If you always stick to the pointers, then find the city is no problem as the road passes through it. But after Yakhroma should be careful not to accidentally move across the bridge over the Moscow canal. After Dmitrov in the area of Small Dubrovka should pay attention to the signs and do not collapse in Taldom. In the city with Dmitrovsky highway there is an exit on Station street.