You will need
  • money.
  • - a chip on the subway;
  • - a ticket for the train;
  • - driving directions (depending on the transport and the start);
  • - passport and possibly a special permit.
If you are going to the Museum on public transport from Moscow, you need to come to the metro station (ring), "Belarusian station" and go to the train station where to buy tickets on the train Kubinka-1 (Odintsovo district). You need trains in the direction of not only Cubans, but also of Borodino, Gagarin and Mozhaisk. The road to Cuban women takes 65-75 minutes.
When they reached the Cuban, looking for a taxi stop No. 59, running to 59-kilometer (Sosnovka) every half hour. On it ride to the bus stop (on demand) "Museum" or "tank". The main identification marks — standing in open field combat vehicle is-3 and is located next to the Billboard "World of tanks". Coming out of the taxi, walk along the fence, keeping to the again left, and go straight to the counter, arranged in the house made of bricks.
Upon reaching the train station you can reach the Museum if you want to walk and breathe fresh air and walk. Navigate Minsk highway and turn towards Moscow. Landmarks — the red arrows. After 20-25 minutes of walk you will surely see the tank on the pedestal. And soon the Museum itself.
Those who decided to visit the Museum by car, again from Moscow, you need to follow on the Minsk highway. After reaching the 64-th kilometer and seeing the tank, do not turn (it is forbidden), and drive to the overpass, where there is a twist. Off it, get back on the highway, but already moving towards the capital.
After approximately 200 meters, turn at the pedestal with the tank to the right and along a narrow country road to reach the car Park below the Museum, enclosed like any military unit, long fence. Wishing to come to the Museum from the West, need to lead the Minsk highway and turn only on the overpass. Everything else is identical.