A holiday at the seaside will not be devastating for personal budget, if you follow some tricks and visit the inexpensive resorts.

The "home"

Decided that overseas overseas beaches and the sun is not yours? Great choice! That's just in addition to a commendable patriotism, note the items that will be spending on recreation.

  • The Agency or organizational services. They "eat" 20% of the total value that you intend to pay for your own exciting journey. This article expenses can be eliminated altogether, if you go on vacation without the help of travel companies and agents of tourism.
  • The cost of travel. The budget option – hitchhiking. But not everyone wants to ride the cash-strapped traveller – it is worth to consider. Optimal for those who go on vacation with family and can not afford large expenditures on the road, to use a budget solution in the form of a train-reserved seat or old bus.
  • Housing and overnight. Well you can save if you pre-book online the house at the recreation center. This option will allow us to avoid a decision made rapidly as a wasteful spender, when it's dead of the night, and you still don't know where it will be!? It is clear that conditions are not in a hotel of three or five stars, but 40% of the cost of living will remain in your pocket. Compatriots who do not think to change their hearth and home on "coast Turkish", it is possible to suggest to consider the option of renting in the private sector. Today this part of the service market filled with the common competition that gives the opportunity for our tourists not only to bargain, but also to choose the best. The menu is always different, but often it is not more than 250 rubles per person per day. In any case, the comfort of home will be provided!
  • Food. Saving at this point will be harder for a favorable outcome is possible only with self-cooking, and then – only when staying in a private home.
  • Entertainment and recreation. This cost is entirely dependent on having a rest: one is prepared to admire the beauty and sights, but for others sleep under the whisper of the sea is the best rest! But those and others it is worth remembering that in expensive beaches and major resorts entertainment are a gold mine. So before you book a tour, consider all options and take the time to compare their cost.

Tip: consider the resorts in Krasnodar region (Anapa, Adler, Sochi, Lazarevskoe) – prices are all quite affordable, but impressions – in-a-million! If you are looking for comfort at home and a fabulous low cost vacation, pay attention to Abkhazia (Gudauta, Sukhumi, Pitsunda).

Option "foreign, wild

  • Go to a long-awaited holiday abroad, without the cost of using agencies is a step bold enough, but quite economical. You will be required to prepare all the necessary documents, to determine the accommodation and itinerary for the upcoming trip.
  • When choosing cheap housing again focus on the private cottage or the house. Cost will be twice less than for a hotel. And, of course, to negotiate with the owner about the price, you will need knowledge of the English language. Most likely, the problem with this is not there: it is available in most countries, and even with minimal knowledge, the use of the phrase is not forbidden.
  • On excursions it is also possible to save a little. Just pre-view on the Internet, where and when to see, get a guide and enjoy the beauty of your own!
  • For travel to European countries amiss hitchhiking – Europeans are calm and friendly to tourists voting. But here, from the risk of being cheated or injured no one is immune! Besides a trip over the horizon with a random companion also requires a visa.

Let these simple tips will help to make your holiday not only memorable, but not expensive!