To get to the city of Istra, go to the Riga station. From there trains depart, the next in the right direction. Istra is located 40 kilometres North-West of Moscow, the trains go there often enough. In addition, through the station "Istra" and "Novoierusalimskaya", which is also located in the city, go train Kursk direction. Their final station "Podolsk", "Shcherbinka", "Depot" or "Moscow - Kursk". The journey time from the station - about an hour. You can also use the comfortable train "Sputnik". It will take you to istry in 40 minutes.
To the city of Istria and can be reached by bus. The Express departs from the metro station "Tushinskaya". Next to it is a bus and Parking of coaches. In Istra to call those who follow in Volokolamsk and further. There are also special flights Moscow-Istra. Travel time - about an hour if no traffic. The bus schedule can be found at the reference phones: +7(495)232-61-83 and +7(985)143-47-12.
By car to Istra, you can drive along the Novorizhskoye and Volokolamsk highway. The first path is longer by a few kilometers. But due to the fact that the track is newer and wide, time can be saved. On Volokolamsk highway in the Istra is better to go only at night when in Krasnogorsk, through which it passes, resolve traffic jams.
The village of Istra is located in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region. It is part of the rural settlement Ilinskoe. You can reach it from the metro station "Tushino" Moscow metro station "Pavshino" Riga railway. In Istra ride regular buses and taxis. By car, drive along Novorizhskoe highway. The village is located 500 metres South of it.