Advice 1: How to get to Borovichi

A distinctive feature of the Russian town of Borovichi in the Novgorod region — the presence of three foreign sister cities. It is the American Binghamton, Haapsalu the Estonian and Finnish Suolahti. That is why tourists come here from different cities even from other countries.
How to get to Borovichi
The preferred airport for Borovichi on the long train. Every day from the Leningrad station to station "Borovichi" the following composition: "Moscow — Great Novgorod", "Moscow — Saint-Petersburg" "Moscow — Kaliningrad, Moscow — Murmansk, Moscow — Arkhangelsk" and "Moscow — Pskov". The journey time is 3 hours and 50 minutes.
You can reach the destination on a normal train. Times daily from the Leningrad station pulls train "Moscow — Borovichi". It is clear that it is necessary to go Nakonechny station. Really have to spend a bit more time than on a fast train — 4 hours and 35 minutes.
There is an opportunity to get to Borovichi on the passenger bus. According to the first embodiment, it is necessary to go from Shchelkovo bus station flight "Moscow — Borovichi" and get off at Termini station. From metro station "the Airport" three times a week buses on the same route "Moscow — Borovichi". Their main advantage — comfortable lounge with the ability to watch on the road movies.
Due to the fact that the direct bus routes go to Borovichi infrequently, you can buy a ticket on a bus on the route "Moscow — Vishny Volochek". This flight departs from Leningradsky station six times a day, including weekends. And at the end station should take bus №42, which goes to the stop "Borovichi. The route". In all three cases, the time will spend in transit is 10 hours 50 minutes, if there will be delays on the roads. From Moscow to Borovichi two times daily from the Leningrad station sends and taxis.
To the destination can be reached by car. The traveler should steer clear from MKAD on highway M-10 and go through Tver, Torzhok and Vyshny Volochek in the direction of the Valdai. Then turn to the highway R-53 and get to Borovichi. Net time spent in transit is 10 hours and 30 minutes.

Advice 2: How to get to Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad – the most Western point of Russia. The uniqueness of this region is that it does not border with the Russian Federation. That's why many travelers who prefer domestic tourism, do not hesitate to visit this amazing city. However, the access to Kaliningrad is not so difficult.
How to get to Kaliningrad
You will need
  • - cash or credit card;
  • - Russian or passport.
Go to Kaliningrad by train. It would seem that this option is the easiest and cheapest. However, it has its own peculiarities. This part goes through the territory of the Republic of Lithuania. After Lithuania joined the European Union, all passengers traveling to Kaliningrad, are required to have a passport. Only on this document you can purchase a ticket and Board the train. But that's not all. After the departure of the train, you must fill out a special form on which you will be given DFC (simplified transit document). This document is valid for travel there and back. From Moscow to Kaliningrad trains from Belorussky railway station.
Fly to Kaliningrad by plane. If you do not have a passport, you can buy a plane ticket. To do this you need only an ordinary Russian passport. You can buy tickets in any ticket office, airline office or online. Daily from Moscow to Kaliningrad it offers a number of regular flights of different airlines. Flight time is about 1 hour 50 minutes. From other cities there are flights, but many of them are not performed every day or only fly in a certain seasonal period.
Reach to Kaliningrad by ferry. The most fun way to get to Kaliningrad – the trip by ferry on the Baltic sea. The ferry runs between Ust-Luga (150 km from St. Petersburg) and the Baltic town (45 km from Kaliningrad). The trip will last about 40 hours. For passengers there are comfortable cabins, and in the ticket price already includes three meals a day. In addition, the ferry is able to accommodate 330 cars. So you can take a trip on a private car, which will greatly facilitate sightseeing in the Kaliningrad region.
Because of the peculiarities of travel train tickets to Kaliningrad cannot be bought over the Internet. Beware of scams that offer such a service.
Useful advice
The cheapest way to buy airline tickets to Kaliningrad, you can order them via the Internet on the official website of the airline. Thus, you will not have to pay middlemen or pay a service fee when purchasing tickets at the box office.
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