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  • - final evaluation of OGE;
Does not stop for several years, the education reform surprises not only the graduates of the eleventh classes, but those who complete primary school. To receive a certificate of completion of basic school, graduates of the 9th grade in 2014 must pass the state final attestation, instead of the traditional exams.
The rules of delivery of Main state exam in 2013-2014 equated to taking the exam, so the procedure of MSE is similar to the existing. To receive a certificate of completion of primary school, you need to pass two obligatory exams in Russian language and mathematics. Major subjects graduate is entitled to select himself. To be eligible to go to the tenth class and pass additional exams are not necessary.
Changed and appearance of the certificate. This document consists of three parts: cover, cover sheet and liner, where grades in all subjects they studied in school. Under the new requirements, the document must have the level "B" protection against forgery and must be made on a single sample in accordance with the law.
Hard cover purple color has dimension 215х305 mm on the front; gold printed images of the State emblem of the Russian Federation, the words "the Russian Federation" and "Certificate of basic General education". On the back of the pasted paper with a watermark, which provides several degrees of protection against counterfeiting.
Title page format 205х290 mm inserted in hard cover with pasted strips, made on special paper pale turquoise color with watermarks and background guilloche compositions. The front side contains a bas-relief of the State emblem of the Russian Federation, the words "the Russian Federation" and "Certificate".
At the turn of the title page on the left is written "the Certificate of basic General education" and bearing a serial number of the document. On the right side pivot cover sheet provides graphs to fill in: name of owner, date of issuance, name of educational institution and the signature of the head provides space for a stamp.
The form of the Annex to the certificate is A4 size, printed on paper, pale turquoise, protected from counterfeit and contains original background composition, several types of microtext and elements of a document printed with special inks with special glow in the UV - and IR-rays.
The certificate honors different red cover and an inscription on the right side of the reversal of the title page "the Certificate about basic General education" and assigned "With distinction." The numbering for certificates of this type differs from the others.