You will need
  • Passport, birth certificate (if available), payment receipt replacement birth certificate.
Please contact the Registrar office where you were given a certificate of birth.
Take the receipt for payment of the replacement certificate due to loss/unfitness.
Pay the receipt in the Bank (about 500 rubles).
When you return with your receipt and passport to the registry office, write a statement on the restoration of the certificate of birth.
After that employees of the Registrar on the basis of the book of records of acts of civil status, restore your document.
If possible, contact the Registrar's office where you received the certificate about the birth of the no - contact statement to the office of the Registrar at the place of residence. Staff will send the request there, where it was obtained the certificate on birth.
After some time (check with the REGISTRAR's office when you should come again) the response to the request. Based on this response you will be issued a new certificate of birth.