The first WebMoney – passport alias. It is issued automatically when you create an account after filling in all required registration data – name, address, e-mail, phone. Thus, all participants are automatically certified, but the veracity can not vouch for all the information entered by the user and not checked. Alias passport is issued free of charge.
The next step – a formal certificate. In addition to the information specified at registration, the user fills out their passport details (passport number, issuing authority and date of birth, etc.) on the site WebMoney Passport. This certificate also has little confidence, as the information is not verified and the user may wrongly fill the form of passport data. By itself this certificate is needed in order to authorize the user to execute financial transactions such as depositing and withdrawing money, as well as exchange. Putting correct passport data, the user will be able to use the services vouchers and cash points, while no formal passport it will be available only to recharge the wallet using card and payment services. Formal passport is issued free of charge.
The next step is an initial certificate. Unlike previous versions, your personal information is verified. It can be obtained in two ways: to meet personally with an authorized "Agent" or upload a scan of your passport. In the first case, you'll need to pay ($1) and design of agent from the list. With him you will have to meet in person and show your passport. If in your area there is no agent or you have no time for a personal meeting, you can use the second option. For this you need to go to the money transfer WebMoney and there to choose one of three money transfer systems: Unistream, Contact and Anelik. Then upload the scan of your passport, then take the agreement to receive the initial certificate.
If you are a business associated with the use of WebMoney – receive payment for goods/services, etc., then you just need a personal certificate. It gives access to virtually all system functions and simplifies the recovery procedure WMID in case of loss, and protects you from fraudulent claims and locks. For obtaining a personal certificate you need to come to the Registrar's office for a personal interview. You will be asked various questions, such as how you withdraw money, how Bank works, etc. Then scan your documents, and you pay the cost of the service is about 10-15 $ (depends on your Registrar). After a couple of days you will be assigned a personal passport. In that case, if in your area there is no office of the Registrar, you can send it certified mail, notarized copies of documents.