The terms of the employment contract

How many people every day, they have to get a new job? Before making a person to work between the employer and employee is the employment contract stipulated by the Russian legislation. In this contract spells out all the requirements of the employee, his remuneration, normal working time, the conditions offered by the company for labor and some other nuances.

Standard working time according to the law

Working time is a time period during which all employees comply with the terms of the employment contract and their duties. The duration of the total working time of each employee shall not exceed forty hours per week - this means, roughly, the eight-hour day. An exception may be shift work where the schedule can be designed for 12 or 24 hours.
Work at the private person can last a week in a week with 8 to 22 hours.

The order of calculation of norm of working time

Standard working time is calculated on a specific calendar periods, depending on the hours in a week. The rate is determined by the Executive authority, in turn, he carries out functions on legal regulation in employment, so all employers must keep a record of time spent by each employee, and pay the appropriate money.
At any time, the Executive authorities may require a special report from the organizations.

What is the working time for different categories of employees

For ordinary workers, the working time should last no more than 40 hours, but besides them there are other categories that are not able to operate at full capacity for various reasons. For example, shortened working day has been set for the teachers. It should not be more than 36 hours weekly; 1 and 2 groups disabled persons – per week 35 hours.

With regard to employees who are not yet 16 years old, they set the normal component of 24 hours a week, for persons aged 16 to 18 years – not more than 35 hours, in the same way as disabled people. For employees whose jobs are harmful to plants 3 and 4, the degree of danger on the scan results, the standard working time must not exceed 36 hours. If the employee is required to work on their days off, or remains on duty after working hours, in order to execute the order of the chief, these hours must be paid as processed.