To persons who have the right to work part-time are pregnant women, one of the parents (guardians, Trustees) who has a disabled child (under 18 years) or children under 14 years, persons caring for a sick family member, if a relevant medical report. For this, they need to provide the application for transfer to part-time to the HR Department of the organization.
Work part-time rather sought after: always need seasonal workers, maids, nanny, caretaker. In recent years, many employers attract qualified staff as employees working on part-time. They usually solve some tasks in a certain period, for example, an employer may require an assistant accountant in the delivery of annual financial statements.
Work part-time is very convenient for young mothers who are unable or not ready to part with the baby for the whole day, but do not want to lose qualification and skills. Now many experts in law, information technology, accounting work part time. At the same time work to part-time they may have several employers.
Arrangements for part-time necessarily reflected in the agreement. Employee may work part-time on a daily basis or to work a shorter working week, for example, one full business day following the day off. The work of such employee is paid according to time worked or performed work.
The employee, who is busy working shorter hours, i.e. working in part-time, is entitled to receive paid annual and study leave. Holidays and weekends, and also the award for the work he provided on a common basis. In the employment record of the employee is not supposed to be recording that he is engaged part-time.