You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - the form of orders on staff;
  • - the form of staffing;
  • - acts of local government.
The staffing is filled by the staff based on the projects developed by the heads of departments (departments, divisions). The completed document is approved by order of the Director. In the right corner of the staffing is put a stamp of approval that specifies the number, date, administrative documents, and the number of staff.
To make changes in staffing of the order is issued. For example, you want to include in the current document unit with a tariff rate of 0.5. As a rule, in such circumstances, accept part-time workers (internal, external) or employees who combine profession.
The order on staff is drawn up in any form. Specify the company name, city in which the organization resides. Document number, date. In the subject of the order, enter the changes in staffing. This may be because of the introduction of the post.
The selection of the first paragraph, write the job title that is entered in the current schedule. Specify the size of the salary (tariff rate), as well as the employee's personal data, which is registered for the position.
Familiarize yourself with the order of the head of staff, head of the Department in which the position, the employee is furnished by the unit on receipt. Administrative document by verifying the signature of the Director.
On the basis of the order, make changes. Expand the fields, change the contents of cells. Not allowed to change the code of the staffing, document name, form number. Set post code, place it in a specific Department. Specify the name of the position. Enter the tariff rate (salary). Please note that the rate is written in terms of money.
The tariff rate can not be below the minimum wage established by acts of local government. Accordingly, the half rate is set not less than 0.5 minimum wage. Allowances, additional payments are a separate component of wages and shown as a separate item. Bonuses are at the discretion of management and is regulated by collective agreements that specify the cases, when a reward.