First, it should be noted that the total working day should not exceed eight hours or forty hours per week. Not to be confused with the shortened working day and incomplete. In the first case of the day is taken into account in the various calculations as full, while in the second case, you should take into account only working hours.
The first thing you need to do is take a statement from the employee to transfer to part-time work. It can also indicate it as the cause. Remember that if it is only the desire of an employee, you are entitled to refuse to pregnant women and juvenile workers.
As a rule, signing an employment contract when applying for a job, you specify the mode of operation, i.e. a full working day. Therefore, after receiving the application, make a supplementary agreement to this legal document. The agreement must specify working hours, you can register it by specifying the period, that is, the number of working hours per day, and can make the schedule work.
Supplemental agreement, make two copies, one of which you keep, pinned to this agreement, and the second give to the employee. Don't forget to sign this document and affixed with a blue seal.
Next, issue an order on the establishment of incomplete working hours. Since there is no standardized format, make it in any form. To specify hours and specify the method of calculating wages. The order is signed by the Director and the employee.
After you received the incomplete working hours, you are required to notify the service center) employment. This should be done in writing, using a random form.
Also, provide part-time work in the table, write appropriate letters, for example, HC, and next select the number of hours worked.