Signal reception is possible both in HD and regular format. The company was founded in 2005. Then it was called Stargate TV. Later, there was a rebranding, and it got its present name.
For installation and configuration of equipment buy or find the following tools: GPS, compass (with which you will be guided on the companion), hammer (to them you will be drilling holes for mounting plates), a sharp knife and duct tape (for manipulation with cable), anchor bolts (for mounting bracket), wrenches, protractor, vertical level, a felt tip pen or marker.
Now that you have everything you need, you can proceed to install satellite equipment. First things first, select the most perfect place to install the plates. Remember that the signal must not interfere with adjacent buildings and trees. After you have selected a location, mount the bracket to the wall using bolts and screws, if necessary, pins.
Pay special attention to the installation bracket to the wind or weather bad weather could damage satellite equipment. Then assemble the antenna in accordance with the manual, install the Converter in the holder head to the mirror antennas. Make cutting cable. Configure the Converter in accordance with the specified in the user table, secure the antenna on the bracket (don't forget to ground), secure the cable to the rod near the Converter, connect the other end of the cable to the receiver.
Then carefully guide the complete customization of the receiver by changing the angle of antenna, satellite search, select the signal reception from the satellite company "Orion Express". Activate the access card and can enjoy numerous satellite channels.