Install a satellite dish in a place where it is not close tall buildings or tall trees, otherwise the TV image will "fall apart" or don't get a chance to catch the signal from the transponder of the satellite. The bracket and the pillar on which it will be fixed, should be fixed horizontally or vertically, respectively.
Determine the geographic coordinates of your site. On the website in the search bar, enter your city, coordinates (East longitude, V. D., and for North latitude, s. sh.). On the map a red marker appears, click the right mouse button and select "What's here?". The coordinates will appear in the line Search. For example, Donetsk (Ukraine) is geographical coordinates: 48.028968 V. D., 37.802582 S. sh.
Please visit www.dishpointer.comwhere enter a city name or its coordinates. In the drop-down menu below select the satellite on which you decide to configure the antenna. After that, the satellite map, click your location in the city and click on it. Green light will indicate the direction of rotation of the antenna, and the bottom card will show the value in degrees is: the elevation (the angle of the mirror dish), azimuth (true) (the azimuth of the compass) LNB Skew (rotation of the Converter). Example: Donetsk (Ukraine) – configuration on the satellite ABS 1 75e, and elevation: 24.3 deg. azimuth (true): 134,4 deg. LNB skew: -28.5°(minus means a turn to the right counterclockwise relative to the directed perpendicular to the earth vector).
Take a compass and rotate the satellite dish according to this data. Select mirror vertically. Slightly loosen the mounts and start scanning the sector, moving the antenna left and right. When a signal, obtain its maximum value and lock it. Adjust the power signal by the Converter and secure it. If the signal is not detected, lower or raise the antenna by one degree after each pass.