You will need
  • - compass;
  • - satellite tuner.
Install on roof, wall or in the yard of an axial-symmetric satellite dish. Need also a receiver, Converter and cable. Before installing it is necessary to choose the appropriate location to South direction within 50-80 meters there were no trees and tall buildings. You can also use offset satellite dish. The diameter of the "saucer" - 90 cm, depending on the location of the settlement. If you do not intend to tune into other satellites, with paid encoded channels, you'll like the cheapest FTA receiver for free channels.
Use the Converter C-band, so that frequency on the satellite Yamal 202 more channels, now there are more than 50. The location of the satellite in orbit is 49 degrees West longitude and, as a rule, the antenna in most parts of Russia deployed directly to the South. The best way is to set up with the help of special professional devices for settings that are quite expensive, you can use cheaper analogues, which by means of an audio or visual signal to assist in setting up a satellite. In their absence, perform the setting using the compass. To do this, define the degree of direction to the South on the website
Connect the coaxial cable to the receiver that is already attached to the TV, and Converter before setting up the signal. The antenna expand so that the Converter was directed to the South (use a compass). In the menu of the receiver to find the configuration of the antenna, and from the list select the satellite Yamal-202. Because on this satellite with a strong package of channels are the transponder frequencies 3982 L 4285 in the list, select it. The receivers, usually at the bottom of two scales: one indicates the signal strength and quality. If the equipment is removed from the place settings, you will need an assistant who will be supporting data on the tuner
Turn the antenna left, then, moving it to the right until the level on the scale of the signal was the maximum, then move it slowly up or down until the level on the scale, the quality will not be the maximum. To achieve an even greater signal level the Converter can turning from left to right. After that scan the receiver "Blind search" and save the data.