To take credit for the "MTS", first select the option of crediting the statement.
The service "Promised payment" is available only if your balance is not more than 30 rubles. The loan amount you can install yourself, and it depends on how much money cellular services you spend each month. That is, if you recharge your phone balance each month for the amount of 300 rubles, you will have access to a loan of up to 200 roubles; if your costs are $ 300-500 per month available to you the loan amount – up to 400 rubles; however, if the services of when you spend more than 500 rubles a month, the promised payment will amount to 800 rubles.
To activate the service "Promised payment" use one of the methods:- take a loan through the Internet (in the section "Payment" there is a subsection of "Promised payment");- dial on your phone: *111*32# and press the call button;- phone support MTS 1113.
This service is free and does not require disconnection. The loan period is 7 days.
To take credit for "MTS" is in "full trust", you must be a subscriber to the cellular communication not less than 3 months to put on the bill for the last 3 months not less than 125 rubles, and at the time of service connection balance on account of your phone needs to be positive.
To activate the service "In full confidence", send from your mobile phone sms-message with the text 2118 to 111. At first your credit limit will be 200 rubles, but in the future can be increased.
If you wish to deactivate the service "In full confidence", send from your mobile phone sms with the text 21180 on number 111.
This service is not charged and after the connection is persistent.