The official website advises anyone wishing to install and configure the "Tricolor TV" to call a specialist. However, this is not always possible: often acquire a satellite dish for television viewing in the country or in rural areas. In addition, many people want to save money on the services of a fitter and Adjuster. Therefore, to set the "Tricolor TV" can be independently, by following a certain algorithm.

Hardware installation

First we need to choose a place to install the dish, which is protected from moisture and at the same time will provide a good overview. Ideally, between the antenna and the satellite should not be barriers. Most often such equipment is placed on roofs, exterior walls, balconies and loggias.

Then you need to assemble the device itself. To the antenna, usually attached instruction, so refer to it for information. Once the dish is ready, attach to the wall brackets, connect the antenna to the Converter and connect the cable through F-connector. The cable should be anchored to the wall so it does not create tension, and the connector to seal tube or tape and a sealant layer. After the cable is tightly stick, can be mounted on the antenna mounting brackets, not forgetting to pin next to it about 1 meter of cable.

To the signal quality was high, the antenna is required to adjust the direction of the satellite. The position of the dish depends on your region, more precisely, its geographic coordinates. For the correct settings you will need a compass and the skills to compute the azimuth. Precise instructions for each region are given in the table in the instructions to the antenna.

The cable you secured in the Converter, must be connected to a digital receiver in exactly the same way. After that, you will only have to turn on the receiver and proceed directly to setting up TV channels.

Setting the "Tricolor TV"

If you have correctly attached the Converter to the receiver, the TV will display an interface similar to the shell of the DVD player. First and foremost, the menu prompts you to select language settings and audio track. By default the system is set to Russian language.

In the next step you will be able to calibrate video and audio. To do this, press OK on the remote control receiver and select AV setup-output" in the menu. Here you specify the settings screen and configure the transfer of sound to suit your speaker system. For convenience, it is recommended to set the date and time in the menu item "setting the time".

To enjoy watching TV, exit to the main menu (the OK button on the remote), then select "Automatic search" and run it. Specify the satellite Eutelsat 36A, Eutelsat 36B, BONUM-1 and DIRECTV-1R, depending on your region. If you have installed the antenna correctly, the status line displays the signal level will show more than 70% each. The system will find all channels that are available to you. After the search is complete, you will just again click the OK button.

The problem with setting "Tricolor TV" and how to resolve them

1. The absence of a signal indicates that the TV is not connected to the receiver. In this case, you need to check for any damage on the cable, tightly it is secured in connectors if your receiver. Perhaps we should try to press AV on the TV remote a few times as your instrument there are several AV inputs.

2. If the screen appears "No signal", but the menu is the "Tricolor TV" offers, then, is not established communication with the satellite. Perhaps on this day, the provider conducts prevention, but if not, you need to slightly move the antenna to connect.

3. You wanted to see a movie, but only displays the label "Encrypted channel"? Most likely, you have not paid for access or have not registered your receiver. In order to avoid similar incidents purchase equipment only from an authorized dealer on time and pay a subscription fee. If you just purchased the device and trying to configure it, register on the official website "Tricolor TV". Perhaps the device is hung up or was disconnected for too long. In the first case, a restart is required, the second — just leave any channel on for 20-30 minutes, and the picture will appear.

4. If you have tried all the options but was not able to set the "Tricolor TV", contact technical support by phone +7 812 449-06-17 or send a request by e-mail On the website of the company you can also get professional help at any time.