You will need
  • - TV
  • receiver.
Adjust the receiver Golden Interstar 7XXX series, for which go to menu "Setup", select the satellite name Eutelsat Seasat, click the right arrow. Set the LNB frequency of 10750 or a 9.7/10 and 75. The value of the parameter DiseqC turn Off. Turn on network search. All other parameters leave the default, then click the menu item "Install software" and click the blue key, then "OK". Setting the receiver on NTV completed.
Set the receiver Samsung on NTV. To do this, select the menu "Setting, enter the code 0000, then select LNB setup. Enter the name of the satellite EutelsatW4. Set the lower and upper lo frequency 10750, respectively. Click "OK" and Exit. Next, choose the option manual search, find the satellite EutelsatW4.
Find the value of the parameter "Number of TR" thus, chtob in frequency was the number 12322. To enable network searching. Then on the "Thermometer" you should see the signal as well as the name of the network. Click "OK". Then check the channels NTV-plus.
Set the receiver Humax VA-ACE on the receive channel NTV+. To do this go to "Settings", then select the "organize channels" and enter the code 0000. Select "Arrange" network, remove network, NTV, and all the others. Double-click Exit. Follow nastroit channels.
Select "channel Search", then "setup antenna". Select the Eutelsat satellite. For manual search, enter frequency of transponder 12322, select "Polarization" – Auto, SR – 27500, FEC – ¾. Next do a network search and after it click twice "OK".
Configure the NTV channel on your receiver Humax VA5200. To do this, delete all existing channels. Go to menu "settings", select "organize channels", select "networking" – "Remove all networks". To search for a channel, navigate to the appropriate menu item, select "antenna setup", set the channel Eutelsat w4, lo frequency set 10750, transponder 12322. The value of polarization set 27500. Enable network search and add NTV channels to the receiver.