You will need
  • computer Internet connection
The provider automatically assigns a connection ID to each client when connecting to the Internet. Without such ID, no user can get to the Internet, go to the search engines, or in his private office at the provider. Internet Protocol (IP), which combines computers and servers into a single global network, starting with small subnets of a private provider to global Internet. It's a sort of spider web.
Divided IP (IP) on the gray and white. This is not an official and slang separation – the color doesn't matter, it just happened. Gray IP addresses are called local IP addresses and internal IP addresses, in fact, are synonymous. Accordingly, if you hear "Internet IP address", "external IP address" or "real IP address" - this is synonymous to white IP address.
If you want to check what the ip issued by the ISP when you connect to the Internet, do the following. Click the "start" button, choose "Run..." in the input field write "cmd". This command is called command line OS Windows having a black window where you need to enter the command “inconfig”. Thus, it displays the network settings for Internet.
If the string of IP address that starts with,, – such IP grey, others are white. But if Internet access is implemented through a router (the router), then your computer is on a local LAN. Such a network allows simultaneous Internet access up to 256 computers, although usually limited to from one to five home computers or phones.
To find out the real IP address when you access the Internet through a router, you need to visit one of the sites or At first site the real IP address issued by the ISP will be after the lines "Your IP:". The second IP address appears in the string "My IP:".