Assemble the antenna in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Remember that under the maximum angle the antenna dish must be located perpendicular to the ground, otherwise you probably installed it incorrectly.
Attach the antenna to the "Tricolor TV" on the South side of the house, because the satellite from which the broadcast is made, is located to the left of the South to 4 degrees. You should Orient the antenna in a southerly direction accurately by the compass, then move to 4 ° to the left. Secure in this position, oriented with the plane perpendicular to the ground. Connect the receiver and Converter plates the cable, attaching the last tape to the base of the antenna and the holder of the Converter, so that it is not swinging in the wind.
Turn on receiver and TV. Double click the red button to the left of the Central part of the console and wait for the dial setup settings quality and signal strength. If the scales are empty, the plate does not see the satellite. Adjust the dish properly with the help of another person. He is at that moment at the TV and tell you when a signal is available. Usually it is necessary to turn the antenna right or left. The quality and strength shall be not less than 80 percent of the scale, what constitutes a good result for comfortable television viewing.
Configure channels "Tricolor TV". Click on the "Menu" button, select "find channels". Once the channels save them. If you do not see any channel, and the screen displays "Encrypted channel DRE", it means that the receiver has not yet received the access keys from the satellite. Turn on some Federal channel, such as "First" and wait for a bit. After a while will start to work on all channels. Set up properly the image quality and sound.