You will need
  • - TV "Horizon";
  • - remote control;
  • - TV antenna.
To configure the TV channels – a simple matter. But first you need to connect the antenna and plug it in. Set your "Horizon" operating mode by pressing the button "Network", and proceed to set it up.
Pick up the remote control supplied with the TV. Turn on the desired ordinal position of the channel. Then click on the remote click "menu", thanks to which you will proceed to the process of setting up channels. Multi-level menu can be called repeated by pressing SL. Setup of TV channels will appear if this button is held for more than two seconds.
With this you can specify which type of settings you use: manual or automatic. The second method is much easier. In this case, you do not have to do, since the TV itself will look for channels accept them. You will only need to secure it for the selected button.
During the settings, you can search for TV stations by frequency or the number of broadcasting channel.
During the settings, take your time, review all the options. It is possible that on the other band, the reception will be better. Pay attention to the quality of picture and sound. If there is television interference, jitter, extraneous noise, look for another option. If you are satisfied with the found channel, save it to the selected button. To strengthen the result, just press "OK" or "Save".
Settings for each channel are individually produced. When you save any selected station, again, check their quality. Running through the channels using either the number buttons or the buttons cycle through channels P+ (to go forward) and P- (to move back). If all goes well, the channels are found, sit back and enjoy watching TVprograms.