Set of equipment for satellite TV reception consists of receiving antenna, LNB, cable and the most important and expensive part of the receiver. It is the choice of the receiver, in the end, depends on which channels you can view.

On the Russian market at the moment, there are several major operators of satellite TV NTV+, Tricolor TV,Raduga TV", "Orion Express", "Platform HD". When selecting a receiver you should consider the services of any operator you want to use.
"NTV+". To view the channels of this operator will approach the receiver is able to work with the coding Viaccess. Note that the more different encodings supports the receiver, the larger number of satellites it can work and the more, therefore costs. Most receivers have a special slot that allows you to connect additional modules to work with different encodings.
"Tricolor TV". Use specialized receivers are able to work with encoding DRE. Alternatively, it is possible to buy DRE module inserted in any receiver equipped with a CI slot. This slot is on the receivers DRE that allows, in addition to the channels Tricolor TV to view and the channels of other operators – with the appropriate module.
"Raduga TV". For reception of channels will require a receiver with built-in Irdeto module-2 receivers with CI slot for Irdeto cards-2. Equipment suppliers recommend to buy receivers with built-in access module.
"Orion Express". You will need an access module by Irdeto CI slot or receiver with a built-in module. It is better to choose a receiver that supports encoding and Irdeto Irdeto-2, which will make the channels "Orion Express and Raduga TV".
"Platforma HD". High-definition television. The required receiver is able to work with such a signal, and an access module DRE Crypt under the CI slot. Note that to view high-Def television must have the appropriate capabilities.
The simplest receivers only give you the ability to view channels selected operator. More complex models have built in hard drives and can record TV programs. For reliable operation it is recommended to select model receivers, recommended for a particular agent.