If you finally decided to abandon the previously connected service "calling number identification restriction rooms, dial on phone keypad *111*47#. Disable the free, and the cost per query antiopredelitel is 0.06.e.
MTS also allows you not to abandon this feature altogether. If you just need to call that person who needs to see your number before calling dial *34# and then the number. The recipient will see your name or number on your phone. However, in this case the monthly fee you still take.
Call the customer service of MTS on number 0890 or 8(800)333-08-90 and ask the operator to deactivate all the paid services or specifically "calling number identification restriction room". Sometimes you connect a particular mobile service without your permission. At the same time on your phone should receive a text message with information, but many subscribers complain that this doesn't always happen. As a rule, of a service free for a trial period of about two months, and then you can just forget that this option has to be paid, and the money gone from the account.
Come with a passport service center. Ask them to give you a listing of all paid services for your SIM card and select the unwanted. It may be that you didn't even know about any paid opportunities. Need to disable everything unnecessary, including the calling number identification restriction rooms. Remember that anti-caller ID may not be connected permanently, you simply been given the opportunity to block the definition of rooms in the event of any challenge. However, and for that charge a monthly fee.
Sometimes it is not necessary at all to connect expensive service to restrict the definition of rooms. Some phones can block the definition of the numbers themselves. Carefully read the instructions and go through the settings menu.