You will need
  • the phone connected to the MTS; a computer with Internet access
Connected to "calling number identification restriction" customer of MTS may prevent or allow the appearance of your telephone number on the screen when calls to all numbers other owners of phones connected to MTS network in their region (so-called "home network"). To enable calling number identification restriction", it is necessary to dial from mobile telephone 111 or from a landline +7 985 220 0022 - and then to act according to the instructions of autoinformer. You can connect the "caller identity restriction" by dialing *111*46# and press the call button, and in a special section on the official website of MTS. The service is billed according to the tariff plan of the subscriber.
When connected to the service "calling number identification restriction" in one particular case, be allowed to see your number, you must dial the number of someone you can call, after the combination of the *31#.
MTS also offers a service connection request for calling number identification restriction". It allows you to not show your number on the screen of the phone conversation. the next time an outgoing call to any number of MTS. The cost of the call is determined in accordance with the tariff plan. The service is available for all tariffs except for "Cool". To enable this, it is necessary to dial *111*84# or "order" the service "calling number identification restriction-on-demand on the official website of MTS. "Calling number identification restriction upon request" and "calling number identification restriction" are mutually exclusive services, that is, when the connection to one another is eliminated, and it should be activated again.