If you are a subscriber of MTS connect service "caller ID". The service ensures that your room will not be detected on the phones of subscribers of MTS. Unfortunately, the operators do not guarantee that the room not be determined users of other networks. To activate the service dial 111. Follow the prompts of the system. Similarly, you can enable the "caller ID" for the urban room. This room for individual regions. Also, use the Internet assistant, by going to the official website of MTS. And finally, you can help a "Mobile portal". Dial *111*46# and the call key.
By using the service "caller ID", you can once allow the definition of your roomand typing *31#+7........(the number of the subscriber whom you are calling). The service is chargeable, will be charged according to your tariff plan. The amount you can learn from the operator.
The subscribers of "Beeline" can connect service "calling number identification restriction roomand" in two ways: call the numberfrom 09 071 0674 or dial *110*071# and a call key.
Connection of service in the company "Beeline" for free. But the use of calling number identification restriction paid, 3 and a half rubles per day or 120 per month. Is debited at the time of the call, once a day.
You can make your room available to determine your typing in front of a roomom the callee *31# number of the called party. To disable the service you can by dialing *110*070# and a call key.
For subscribers of "MegaFon" service "caller ID" is activated with the command *105*4*12#and a call key. Or send SMS-message with the code 2101 for a free room 000105. Connection costs 10 rubles. For the service you will pay 5 rubles per day. Also "the Megaphone" offers the service "one-time caller ID". Once, you can hide your room. To do this, enter the number of the callee in the format #31#number and a call key.
To deactivate the service "caller ID" in the network "Megaphone", you can use SMS commands 2100 to number 000105 or via the USSD menu *105# and a call key.