If you use a communication company "MegaFon", you can activate the service as "caller identification restriction". To do this, log in server "Service Guide" using the PC, using your username and password. You need to choose the appropriate option and click "Connect".
Use the "one-time caller ID", if it is necessary to restrict the definition of your room on one call. The service "CLIR" (caller ID) helps to hide the definition of your license plates mobile phone by calling mobile device of another person. To connect a single calling number identification restriction, you need to dial the desired subscriber in this format: #31#phone number.
Send a message to the number 000105501 or dial *105*501#. Don't forget to click "Call".
If you use the services of the operator "Beeline", for the classification of the rooms, you can connect the service "caller ID" just by typing the number 0628 on your phone. Follow the instructions that will tell the answering machine.
Activate calling number identification restriction "MTS", opening the "Internet assistant". Log in to your personal account. Then click "Manage services", then check the box next to "caller ID" and click "Connect". Also make undetectable cell MTS possible without the Internet. From your phone dial the character set and numbers *111*46# and send the call. And after a few seconds you should receive a message saying that the service is successfully connected.
Also if you want to classify the number of "MTS" and only one phone call, you must connect the service "caller ID request". From your phone dial "*111*84#". You can connect the same option, log in to my account "Internet assistant". You must then dial the phone number in the format +7(XXX)XXX-XX-XX.