You will need
  • - a mobile phone with installed SIM card.
If you are a subscriber of Beeline, hide number your phone can call the 06740971 or typing with a mobile command*110*071#" button is clicked.
To cancel the service of CLIR Beeline for one call dial the phone combination of "*31#number of the desired subscriber and press "Call".
To hide the number of MegaFon, take advantage of the system "Service-Guide" or enter your telephone number in the appropriate form in the connections section of the service operator, and then click "Connect".
In a few minutes you will receive SMS-message that will be prompted for confirmation of this service. Give a positive response to this message is specified in the letter way.
To connect the "caller identity restriction" in the Megaphone without the help of the Internet to send any message to 000105501 or dial with honeycomb-command*105*501#". To temporarily restore the visibility of the numbers for calls to one subscriber, dial the phone in the "*31#(phone number) and press Call.
If you need to hide your phone serviced with a Megaphone, just for once, set the tube a ban on the transfer of your room and dial "#31#number", and press "Call". After making a call, don't forget to return the visibility settings of the phone numbers to their original state.
For the interdiction of your numbers of MTS connect service "caller ID" from the "Internet Assistant" or, please, dial the combination*111*46# and click "Call".
If you need to call to cancel "caller ID" to MTS, then dial the number of the desired subscriber in the "*31# +7номер callee and press the call button.
To add the service "caller ID request", which you can use to hide the number of MTS for one time only, first mobile, dial "*111*84# and press the call button. Then enter the desired number in the format of "#31# +7номер callee" and press "Call". After making a call, disconnect a service the same way, which was used for inclusion.
To hide rooms the Skylink use of a private office in Skypoint or call 555 and following the voice prompts. To prohibit the showing of your room once, you can dial from cell "*52номер callee and press the call button.
If when the service of permanent antiopredelitel rooms Skylink you need to restore your phone to ring once, then dial the desired number in the format "*51номер callee" and press "Call".