The first option is to appeal to the office of the company MTS for detailed account. This document provides information on the performed actions, their cost, the number of incoming and outgoing calls. While missed calls in the report will not be displayed. So if you don't pick up the phone to unknown number, identify him would be impossible. When you call this number, press the answer button, and then wait at least 3 seconds. This will allow you to register an incoming call and it will be displayed in detail. Turning to the coordinates to company MTS, have a passport that certifies your identity as well as to confirm the fact of possession of the subscriber number, the detail of which you inquire.
In addition, order details of account you can using the official website of the company "MTS". Go to the official website of the operator at Open the "Help and support" and select the "bill details". Then click on "using the Internet assistant" or go directly at: Using the web interface you can manage different services, including the ordering of detail of the account.
The third way to obtain information is to call the call center of MTS. Dial phone number 0890 and hit the call button. After connection with the operator and explain the problem. You can also send a Fax using a standard form "MTS", which is available at for order detail subscriber account. Number to send a Fax you can get on the page