Go to the official website serving you operator and navigate to additional services. Select from a list "calling number identification restriction the numbers" and review the code for deactivate the service. This can be the room a special request, the call number or the number to send an SMS with specific content.
Use the following links according to which operator is served by your telephone number: - for MTS, – for subscribers of Beeline , for "MegaFon". Also make sure before you disable that service has been activated completely, not for a certain number of calls.
In the call menu of your phone, configure disabling the calling number identification restriction rooms. Please note that this will not be enough to fully deactivate the service, simply by sending a call your number will be displayed on the phone screen of the called subscriber. Also it works not on all phones and is not applicable to all operator.
To Refine the settings to enable and disable this service, you can also browse the documentation for your SIM card, or you can call technical support, it is comfortable especially if you have no access to the Internet. For subscribers of "Beeline" is the number 0611, for "MegaFon" - 0500 (or 555 depending on the region you are in), and for communication with technical support "MTS" it is better to use the Internet, because the menu is fully automatic.