You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - the Internet.
If your room is served by this operator, to add service "caller ID" in the list of connected services sign in to your account in the "Internet Assistant". Under management services, select "caller ID" and click "Connect".
In order to hide your number MTS without using a network connection, type on the screen of the cell combination "*111*46# and press "Call". Wait for an SMS confirmation message about the successful connection to the service "caller ID".
If you want to hide the phone, subscribers of MTS during a call, use the service "caller ID request". For this you can dial from cell "*111*84# or connect such option in the personal Cabinet in the "Internet Assistant". Then dial the number of the desired subscriber in the format +7(XXX)XXX-XX-XX.
In order to hide the room Beeline for connection to the service "caller identity restriction" dial from mobile 0628. Follow the instructions of autoinformer.
If your operator is MegaFon, for prohibiting display of the phone connect the service "calling number identification restriction room." To do this, log into the system "Service-Guide" under your login and password and selecting an option, click "Connect".
In order to use this service from your mobile, send a message to a room 000105501 or dial the command*105*501# and press "Call".
If you need to hide the number of the Megaphone in one call, use the service "one-time caller ID". To do this, enter the number of the desired subscriber in the format of "#31#mobile number".
To hide the number of the Skylink, log in SkyPoint and the list of available services, select the "interdiction of the rooma" and click "Connect". For prohibiting display of the phone on one call, dial on the cell combination "*52number of subscribers" and press "Call".