In the "Beeline" can connect "calling number identification restriction" rooms on the official website of the operator or with rooms 067409071; in addition, there is a USSD-command *110*071# that will set the "Anti-caller ID" on your phone. To manage the service on your own. If you want a certain caller to see your number, dial *31#number of called subscriber, and then press send call. However, the calling number identification restriction will not apply to those subscribers who have activated the service "Super determinant of rooms". The service connection is free, no subscription fees.
"Calling number identification restriction room" and the operator "MegaFon". Plug it by sending an empty SMS message to number 000105340; through "Service-Guide"; with the help of special commands *105*34#; through a subscription service on 0500 and the number 050034 or in the office. The use of "calling number identification restriction" operator will be charged to your account 4.5 rubles (including VAT). Corporate clients pay for the service will cost 3.5 rubles.
To activate the service "MTS", using "Mobile Assistant" (enter the short number 111 and follow the voice prompts), "Internet-Helper", "Mobile portal" (using the query *111*46#). The value of the "calling number identification restriction" will depend on the chosen tariff plan.