You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - active Sim card "Megaphone", "Beeline" and MTS.
Connect the option "Super caller ID", if you are a user of "MegaFon". Dial from your cell phone USSD-command *502#. Service not available in all regions of the country, and it has a high monthly fee.
Note that the number of the incoming call is guaranteed to be determined only in the intranet space. Calling to you, the user, another operator or the subscriber "the Megaphone" another region can remain incognito. To disable the option, enter the command *502*4#.
Use a paid service "Super keys to the roomand" if you are using a mobile connection operator. The service of this operator charges a daily monthly fee in the amount of fifty rubles. Dial on your phone USSD-combination *110*4161#, and connect the option.
Disable the "Super keys to the roomand" you can, set the command *110*4160#. The service provides data about the hidden roomAh subscribers of all operators, however, incoming calls from some landline phones may remain unidentified.
For users of mobile operator MTS offers to use the service, which is called in the same way as the same option from the company "the Megaphone" - "Super caller ID". When connecting from a mobile account will be charged a lump sum amount of two thousand rubles. Daily subscription fee is six and a half rubles.
For subscribers "the Megaphone" using rate "Cool", the service "Super caller ID" unavailable. Note some incompatibility options with certain models of cell phones. Subscribers of the home network of the same scope, you are guaranteed that you will not tell about the coordinates of other subscribers. Connect or choose not to use the service "Super caller ID", filed USSD-request *111*007#.