To enable calling number identification restriction rooms" to classify your phone number "Beeline", dial from your mobile phone *110*071# and press the call key. Or call 0674 09 071. The monthly fee for the service for most of the tariff plans will amount to 3.77 p.per day.
Subscribers of MTS can activate the "Anti caller ID" to prevent automatic detection of your roomsby typing from your mobile phone *111*46# and press call button. Also, the service by connecting through the "Internet assistant" on the official website of MTS. There you can also check and the monthly fee for the service.
Cellular operator "MegaFon" provides service connection calling number identification restriction room" with the command *105*3*2*3*1*1#, after a set of which on the mobile phone, press the call key. In addition, the service can be activated through the automatic voice menu by dialing 0505 from your mobile phone. The cost of the service will be 5 p.per day.