To disable the "Deny call" in the "Beeline" can use a special system. Just go to the website Next, you need to log in with your mobile phone number and personal password. Get the latest you can the operator, by sending an USSD-request *110*9#.
If you are a subscriber of MTS to cancel any service can use the service SMS-Helper. To access it, you must send an SMS to number 111. The message text should contain the code 21190. In addition each subscriber of this operator is available call Subscriber services 0890 (a call with mobile phones will be free). If you prefer to send a written statement, do it by Fax (495) 766-00-58. Please note: you must mention what kind of service you want to disable.
Another system through which you can connect and disconnect service, called "Internet Assistant". However, it requires registration (you will need to obtain a password to enter). To set the password, please, dial *111*25, and then press call. In addition, the operator provides a short number 1118 for calls from mobile phones. Once your password is approved by the system, enter it and your mobile number in a special field on the main page. After login, click "Rates and services", then go to section "service Management". Opposite of services "of the Ban call", click on the "Disable"button.
In "the Megaphone" for the refusal of service "Prohibit call" are special numbers. To see a complete list, please visit the official website of the operator. You only need one of them (depending on what type of ban you have connected). Example: to cancel incoming call barring send the request #35*password#. By the way, as the password, specify code 111.