The operator of this service: "Anti-AON" and "Anti-caller ID on request". There are several ways to activate data service for your phone. If you need to hide a room for a short time, then use the "Anti-caller ID on demand", which allows you to activate an anti-definition and disable it at any time when you need it.
To activate the service "Anti-caller ID on request" dial on your cell phone combination *111*84# and press the call button. Listen to the message of the operator about the activation of the service. The connection cost depends on your tariff. You can also call the operator to get in automatic mode connected service. In some cases, the operators ask the name and surname of the person who owns the number. This need for validation.
Activate "Anti-caller ID" via the Internet by going to the special section on "Internet Assistant" available on the MTS site using your credentials. Further, in order to hide the number when calling, dial the destination number as follows: #31# +7[called number]. To activate this service on the website, go to Next, scroll to the "Internet assistant". Enter your phone number - you will receive a message with the code. The combination of message type on the website to log in and get into the system.
To activate the "Anti caller ID", please, dial *111*46# and press the call button. Follow the instructions answering machine operator MTS or go to the website in the section "Internet Assistant". These two services cannot be used simultaneously, so activating one automatically deactivates the other. For more information and cost of use services contact help Desk operator MTS on number 0890.