If you are a subscriber of "Megaphone", to deactivate the service, you will need a password. Operator the default code is 111. In addition, the room to disable the "call barring" will depend on what type of service activated on your mobile phone. Next, you will specify the type and code, with which you will be able to deactivate. To cancel the prohibition of outgoing calls, use the code #33*password# to the incoming - #35*password#. To obtain more information on the official website of the company.
Customers of the operator can disable unnecessary services via SMS-Helper. It is necessary to send a message 21190 to the short number 111. In addition, you can submit your application by Fax (495) 766-00-58. Do not forget to specify what kind of service you want to opt out. At any time you can contact and customer service of MTS (just call 0890). Call from a mobile phone will be free.
"Internet Assistant" is another service that allows you to manage your services. If you need to use it, go to the website You will be asked to enter your phone number and password. To receive the password, please dial 1118, or send a USSD-request *111*25. Once you receive it, log in to the system. Next, open the "Rates and services" and select "Manage services". To abandon the "Ban call", just in front of him on the words "Disable".
In the "Beeline" for the connection and disconnection services room service is available. However, once use it you will not succeed, first you should request the operator for the password. To do this, send USSD command to *110*9#. After obtaining the necessary data to log in using the username number of your mobile phone.