If you are a subscriber of MegaFon, in order to get your number was not determined in taking your calls, activate the service "CLIR". This can be done by logging into the system "Service-Guide" through the computer using personal login and password. Select the desired item and press "Connect".
Connect to the service from your cellular phone by sending an sms to the number 000105501 or dialing *105*501#. In both cases, don't forget to press "Call".
The service "one-time caller ID" is what you need if you need to restrict the definition only room for one call. To connect a single calling number identification restriction dial the number that you will call in the following format: #31#phone number.
If mobile services provides you with mobile operator Beeline", to conceal the room connect the service "caller ID" by typing directly from your cell numbers 0628. The answering machine will tell you what to do next.
To activate calling number identification restriction open MTS "Internet Assistant" and go to your personal account. Select "services Management", select the check box of the service "caller ID" and click "Connect".
To make invisible your number of MTS you can also without access to the Internet. To do this from your phone dial *111*46# and send the call. After a few seconds you will receive a message that will confirm that the service "caller ID" is successfully connected.
To scramble mobile number just on one call with a network operator MTS connect service "caller ID request". You can activate this option by logging in to your personal account in the "Internet Assistant". Or typing with mobile combination *111*84#. In this case dial the number to whom you want to call it should be in the format +7(XXX)XXX-XX-XX.