Coaching in the workplace aimed at the prevention of injuries and accidents in the workplace. There are four types of instruction: primary, repeated, unplanned and target.
Primary instruction is carried out newly adopted in the company to the employee. Every six months for all employees and every three months for those who service equipment with high danger issued planning guidance. In the case when employees have to perform a new kind of production work is carried out the target instructions. If there is an emergency at the plant or changes in instructions for safety, preparation of extra training.
Journal of occupational safety in the workplace to be filled by the supervisor or head of the structural unit of the organization. The monitoring of timely clearance of the journal rests with the staff of the Department of labor protection at the enterprise.
Before you fill the magazine safety, you must renumber, pressurewhat and seal of the organization. Then on the cover write the name of the company and structural divisions. Specify the date from which to begin to journal.
Subsequent pages of the log is filled completely. In the column "date", indicate the date of the briefing in full format. Surname, name and patronymic instructiunea recorded without any cuts and initials, and the next two columns indicate only the year of birth of the employee and his position. In the column "type of instruction" write the one you need according to the situation. The column "the Reason of instruction" is filled only in case of unscheduled briefing with the obligatory indication of the administrative document of the company.
After the workers were given instruction, they must sign in the "Signature instructiunea", and the supervisor shall sign the column "Signature instruction" opposite the name of each employee, whom he instructs.
For newly recruited into the organization and successfully trained employees should be required to fill in the journal entry for "practical Training at the workplace". After the instruction and fill the magazine for the protection of labor, it must be deposited with the head of structural division of the enterprise.