Before starting the design of the area of fire safety, select a suitable for his accommodation. This should be the room where all departments come in often or be sure to stop by during the day. For example, dining room or hallway leading to the front door. It can also be the office of human resources or the wall next to the bathroom. If a building has multiple floors, be sure to make the area of fire safety . Or just hang the escape plan and install a panic button.
Give a name to stand. It can be a standard "Area of fire safety" or attracting views "Attention! Fire!" and "fire in the hole!".
Take a Board with a soft finish and pin in its center an evacuation plan. On either side of him will post tips on how to behave in case of fire or upon detection of a fire. It is best to buy posters in bookstores. Choose such, which clearly shows what to do with a fire extinguisher, how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide how to behave before the arrival of the Ministry. If suddenly a disaster happens and a fire starts, read the text once, but the pictures will help employees quickly find.
In addition to posters explaining the behavior in case of fire, position on the stand cautionary image. Remind the staff that the offices can not use appliances - kettles, boilers. Can not be inserted into sockets appliances is not the right voltage. It is impossible to make an adapter out of scrap materials for the wrong size plugs, etc. the Most common cause of fire is human factor, and your task is to bring it to all employees.
Near the stand, place the fire extinguisher and alarm button. Be sure to check the expiration date of the extinguisher. Remember that it is necessary from time to time to change, otherwise it will fail in a difficult situation.