In the first column - the date and type of maintenance carried out” annually produces a record of the inspection and the inspection of the fire extinguisher. Typically, these functions are performed by the person responsible for working condition of primary fire extinguishing means (this can be assistant Manager, Deputy Director or another employee).
The second graph - “the appearance and condition of the parts of a fire extinguisher. Here it is necessary to characterize the state of the fire extinguisher, which can be as follows:

-excellent (all the nodes of the fire extinguisher is OK, no external damage),

good (all nodes fire extinguisher serviceable, small external flaws),

-satisfactory (all nodes are OK, but there are significant external disadvantages, which, however, do not affect the correct operation of fire extinguisher; for example, expiring shelf life, or the absence of labels).
Third column - “the total weight of the fire extinguisher.” You can weigh the unit, but you can make it easier to read the inscription on the label, it reads data of extinguisher(e.g., 6.3 kg).
The following graph is the Pressure (with pressure indicator), or the mass of the gas cylinder is filled on the basis of data labels (for example, 4+/- 0,2 kg (weight)).
Earl “the condition of the undercarriage of the mobile fire extinguisher. If the extinguisher does not move, then the graph is blank. If you can mount a fire extinguisher to the wheels reliable, no damage, the condition is described as excellent. If fastening is reliable, no damage, but required a small adjustment, good condition. Recognized and satisfactory condition fire extinguisher in that case, if the chassis is functioning, but needs inspection and revision.
Count “measures Taken to remedy these shortcomings." If defects are identified, measures for their elimination. If not - then a dash.
Last column - “Title, surname, initials and signature of the responsible person”. Here you can specify the person responsible for fire safety (Ivanov I. I.).