Training on labour protection are divided into: introductory, primary, repeated, unplanned and target.

Induction training

This type of briefing is conducted with all employees. The level of education, work experience in this position is irrelevant. Induction training carried out by the specialist on labor protection. The program is developed on the basis of the acts, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation also takes into account the specifics of a certain company. The employer submits the program personally. At an introductory briefing officer must master the following knowledge:
1. on the General information about your business.
2. on the General provisions on labor protection;
3. about the internal labor regulations;
4. about common norms and rules of conduct on the premises;
5. about the harmful and dangerous factors when working at this company in this position;
6. the means of individual protection;
7. on fire safety;
8. one of the accidents;
9. about first aid.

Primary instruction

This kind of instruction is given before the start of production activities with all the accepted staff, as well as those who moved from one unit to another.
The issues studied during the initial briefing:
1. General information about the technological process, equipment;
2. basics without injury;
3. essential safety requirements;
4. basis for the use of firefighting equipment, fire protection and alarm systems.

Refresher training

This briefing shall be held semiannually for all staff members. It is conducted either individually or group. Questions, study with repeated instruction is similar to the primary.

Unscheduled briefing

Is held individually or by a group of persons engaged in similar activities. The plan and the instruction are determined depending on the purpose. For example, the introduction of new rules, norms of labor protection, process change or introduction of new equipment, in case of violation by employees of safety or long-term absence from work.

Target coaching

This type of briefing is conducted before commencing the specialist uncharacteristic of a single operation, in cases of necessity of elimination of consequences of emergency situations, natural disasters,and also in organizing trips to companies or other events.