Advice 1: What are the different types of briefings

Briefings are conducted at each company with all employees regardless of their duties and activities. The main ones are training in fire safety and labor protection.
What are the different types of briefings
Training on labour protection are divided into: introductory, primary, repeated, unplanned and target.

Induction training

This type of briefing is conducted with all employees. The level of education, work experience in this position is irrelevant. Induction training carried out by the specialist on labor protection. The program is developed on the basis of the acts, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation also takes into account the specifics of a certain company. The employer submits the program personally. At an introductory briefing officer must master the following knowledge:
1. on the General information about your business.
2. on the General provisions on labor protection;
3. about the internal labor regulations;
4. about common norms and rules of conduct on the premises;
5. about the harmful and dangerous factors when working at this company in this position;
6. the means of individual protection;
7. on fire safety;
8. one of the accidents;
9. about first aid.

Primary instruction

This kind of instruction is given before the start of production activities with all the accepted staff, as well as those who moved from one unit to another.
The issues studied during the initial briefing:
1. General information about the technological process, equipment;
2. basics without injury;
3. essential safety requirements;
4. basis for the use of firefighting equipment, fire protection and alarm systems.

Refresher training

This briefing shall be held semiannually for all staff members. It is conducted either individually or group. Questions, study with repeated instruction is similar to the primary.

Unscheduled briefing

Is held individually or by a group of persons engaged in similar activities. The plan and the instruction are determined depending on the purpose. For example, the introduction of new rules, norms of labor protection, process change or introduction of new equipment, in case of violation by employees of safety or long-term absence from work.

Target coaching

This type of briefing is conducted before commencing the specialist uncharacteristic of a single operation, in cases of necessity of elimination of consequences of emergency situations, natural disasters,and also in organizing trips to companies or other events.

Advice 2 : How to conduct induction training

Introductory instruction is required as in hiring a new employee or in any situation in which it is assumed that instructively will operate in conditions that are potentially life-threatening. The goal is to tell the person about the possible risks when working in certain conditions.
How to conduct induction training
Though, as you know, the introductory briefing is seen by many as an unnecessary formality, yet such things should not be neglected. If you have at this point in time the whole all arms and legs and all seemed fine, it does not mean that you do not cut off the finger of an industrial fan, if you're careless with it. Such things must understand every instructively.
Briefing held with the newly hired, but also temporary workers, business travelers, students (students, passing practice in the enterprise). Also instruction should be preceded by laboratory and practical classes in the study of work and on the street.
So, to spend instructing, you need to choose the room for free placement of all instructively. This is usually the office of labour protection or specially equipped for this purpose room.
Coaching conducted by a specially authorized person. As such person may act as a specialist in labor protection, and any employee assigned a senior Manager to this position.
To improve the efficiency of conducting the briefingand it is possible to use various demos. Under such content refers to not only the posters but also the video, or specially designed for such purposes of the program-directories.
The aim reference application is to demonstrate all the necessary regulatory, legal and other documents connected with the topic.
After holding an introductory briefingand you must make an entry in the register of introductory instructionand with binding signatures instructively and instructs.

Advice 3 : What is induction training on the manufacturing

In accordance with article 225 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation for all job persons and also for workers moving to another job, the employer or certified person shall conduct a briefing on safety and labor protection.
What is induction training on the manufacturing

The order of training of labor safety at the enterprise

Induction training is obligatory for all employed persons and temporary workers and workers of other enterprises, produce work to the designated site, students of educational institutions at appropriate levels, gaining work experience, and other persons involved in organizational production activities.

Introductory information provides specialist health and safety or employee charged with these responsibilities by order of the employer. Large enterprises to conduct specific sections of introductory instruction can be designed to the appropriate professionals, e.g. medical staff, fire brigade etc.

The process of instruction

Induction training is carried out on specially prescribed program, created on the basis of legislative and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation with regard to individual activities of the company and approved by the employer in the prescribed manner.

As a rule, induction training is carried out in the premises of labour protection or a specially equipped place with the use of modern learning tools and clear materials (posters, models, layouts, films, etc.).

The process of instruction should include:
- familiarize personnel with the existing hazardous and unsafe production factors.
- study all safety requirements and labor protection written into the local regulations of the organization;
- instructions on labor protection, technical and production documentation;
- application of methods and receptions of works, it does not harm the employee.

Completed training on the protection of labour oral verification of the acquired working knowledge of the person who conducted this orientation.
A detailed list of questions for the formulation of the programme induction is provided in Appendix 3 GOST 12.0.004-90 "Organization of training of labor safety".

On guidance to produce the entry in the register of introductory instruction with the necessary instruction and instructiunea signature, and the document of acceptance for work. Along with the magazine, you can use a personal card study.

Conducting induction briefings shall be recorded in the logbook is mandatory:
in educational work with students involved in extracurricular activities;
- in the work – the work of the Director, crew, etc.
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