You will need
  • - documents of the company;
  • - the form of the registration log of orders;
  • orders on staff.
Develop collective agreement on personnel policy, including the order of proceedings. As an application to a local act of company make the magazine of registration of orders. Note that different types of instructions are stored in a separate magazineAh, because they have different shelf life. For example, orders on staff are kept 75 years. Next, the article considers the procedure for filling such a magazine.
On the cover page of the magazineand check orders, write the full name of the document in capital letters. Then specify the name of the organization. If the company is large enough, for each service, it is desirable to maintain such a log separately. Specify the date when actually filed the document.
In the first column, provide the order number of the order. In the second column write the personal data, job title of the person responsible for maintaining the log. Orders on staff, as a rule, registers the personnel officer who is appointed by the responsible appropriate Director's order.
In the third column of the logand specify the order number assigned to the document during edition. Orders for personnel, it is recommended to put the letter LS, for orders on the main activities of ODES, for the vacation of administrative documents Acting In the fourth column, write the date of the order.
In the fifth column, it is advisable to enter personal information, job title, employee Department, which drafted the order. In the sixth column write the content of the order. For example, hiring, termination, transfer to another job etc.
In the seventh column is the signature of the responsible person, and in the eighth column of the magazineand indicates the number of folders stored in the archive. With the change of a responsible person is required to make a deed of conveyance of documents.