GOST 12.0.004-90 "System of standards of safety of work" reglamentary the conduct of briefing on technology security. It includes such types of instruction, as an introductory or initial, repeated and unplanned. In addition, those who are engaged in work with harmful and dangerous working conditions, required to undergo training in their workplace, after which they receive a permit to independently conduct such operations. All these activities should be reflected in the journal.
In annexes 4 and 6 GOST 12.0.004-90 gives examples of recommended forms which must be filled in the log instruction. Advisory in nature provides not simply the form of the magazine content, but practice shows that it is optimal for the reference is a table.
The suggested counts are: date of instruction, surname, name and patronymic instructiunea and instructor, profession and position instructiunea, type of instruction, number of instructions that were examined in conducting the briefing. In some sections should provide space for signature instructiunea and instructor, as well as officials authorized to resolve the tolerance instructed by the employee.
In that case, if the enterprise has a particular, harmful and dangerous working conditions, in the log table on technology security should include an additional column in which you want to reflect the duration of the training and signature of the employee and the instructor confirming its passage.
Journal of instruction technology security can be ordered from the printing house or design it in a notebook yourself signed in all the boxes. It is a working document, so it is all the village needs to be numbered and pressureat. The ends of the lacing shown on the last sheet under the rear continuous log. They need to glue and fix. Pasted on top of them on paper must be signed by the person entrusted with the journaling, stamped. On the last page should bear the inscription indicating the number of numbered and laced pages.