The procedure of carrying out of instructing on labour protection, training on the working place and check received by the knowledge workers is regulated by GOST 12.0.004-90 "System of occupational safety standards". In annexes 4 and 6 to it view recommended forms of journals in which to record, conducted the initial training and coaching on the work place.
All kinds of coaching: initial, repeated, unscheduled and training in the work place, which provided only for employees employed in works with harmful and dangerous working conditions, should be reflected in the journal and be certified by the signature of the instructor and instructiunea.
Articles 212 and 225 of the labour code provides for the procedure of instruction, but not reglamentary is hard to form the issues of registration of the log instruction. So you can make it yourself, use a book log, which are sold in stationery stores, or a normal notebook.
Place the log in a table, which should contain the following rows:
- the date of the instruction;
- surname, name and patronymic of the transmitted instructions;
- the year of his birth;
profession and current position. In addition, mandatory counts are:
- form of instruction (introductory, working place, repeated or unscheduled),
No. studied instructions or their name;
- surname, name and patronymic of the instructor, or allowing,
signature instructiunea and instructor. In a separate column must be the inscription: "access to work produced" with date, signature and its deciphering. Leave the column "note", which indicates the reason for the instruction, if it is held outside of the plan.
In that case, if there are hazardous working conditions, in the journal should be an additional column "Training in the work place." It notes the amount spent on training shifts, put the words "Internship took place and the signature of the worker tested.
Number all the pages of the magazine of registration of instructing on a working place, Proszowice it, the ends of the lacing glue, do the words "In the journal numbered and strung together so many leaves", seal of the organization and the signature of the person responsible for logging.